Commission taken on art sold: 0%

Art transportation: Artists responsibility

Art display: One Table per artist. Outdoors!

Hanging System: N/A

Type of art: Visual only

Live art experience: Encouraged

Parking: Street parking. Private parking possibility. Contact Host.


Types of events hosted by

the Kidd Hall House:

Host: Abigail Jaquez

Address: 2562 Le Conte Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

House from the Berkeley Student Cooperative 

Berkeley, CA

Kidd Hall House

Outdoor art pop ups for one visual artist to sell prints, original art pieces, and more at a table stand next to the UC Berkeley. 

Kidd Hall House

Art Pop Up

General information

Visual artists 

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Childish and totally awesome at heart, Kidd is a happy-go-lucky house just two blocks from North Gate. Unique co-opers from all walks of life manage to fit into the occasionally quiet, but always welcoming and everchanging culture of the BSC’s smallest house. Kidds are so special, in fact, that there are only 17 of them in production at any time. With a great backyard, pool table, and TV, there’s always something to do, whether you want to attract a small crowd or just hang out.