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Local venues and artists got together and you discovered them.

Exhibition and Jazz Night at Way Station


Month exhibition opening featuring Yaxi Wang's "Ink Dancer" collection at Way Station with live performance by Morgan Maudiere Jazz Band

Visual artist: 

Yaxi Wang


Performance artist:

Morgan Maudiere Jazz Band


Way Station, Berkeley, CA

Exhibition dates: Month of February

Opening date: February 7th, 2020

Musicians, visual artists and performers can join MUSA for free to apply with one-click to upcoming shows in unconventional venues around their neighborhood. Their art is also for sale on our website.

The community is invited to get to know their art scene at a unique venue and explore special discounts, while artists gain experience, networks and an income to sustain their practice.

Select between recurring exhibitions, pop ups, or consignment and book your recurring art shows.  Define your concept and let us curate and create the rotations in your space. Earn a commission on art sold and increase foot traffic and sales with our marketing! You can also purchase local art directly for your space. 

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How it works

Artists, Hosts, and Audience reviews

Warren, owner of Way Station. Berkeley, CA

Exhibition Host

We host recurring monthly art shows from local conceptual artists and include a jazz band and make record sales and attendance"

I’ve been trying to find ways to get into the art community and have my work reach more people, and you’ve just helped tremendously! Really appreciate it"

Eno from Berkeley, CA

Visual Artist

I've been to 4 MUSA events in cafes, bars and a private rooftop in Oakland. I love getting to know my local art scene"

Tom from Oakland, CA

Art Lover



Hosted by local venues, exhibiting local artists, inviting you.

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6 to 10 PM
Exhibition Closing at
STROMA Gallery
989 Lincoln St, Benicia, CA



Anton Kuehnhackl

Christina Kent

Elvira M. Dayel

Fredi Lopez

Julie Garner

Reenie Charrière

Wesley Haack

Kim Nucci and Gabby Wen

10/23- sunday
5 to 10 pm
Bissap Baobab

artist stands:
Dan Kozar

Los Bahianatos

11/06- friday
5 to 8 pm
Sobre Mesa
Oakland, CA