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We believe that the art we see every day should be as diverse and dynamic as our cities, creatively produced and democratically displayed by our friends and neighbors, without intermediaries or curators deciding what speaks to our community.  Our mission is to provide a direct and professional process for local artists to connect with their community spaces, to increase their opportunities to show their art and develop a professional career. Our vision is to create a more democratic art industry by expanding artist diversity and inclusivity while attracting left out audiences through experiential art in their own community spaces.

MUSA is the first digital platform to allow hosts from a variety of local spaces to connect directly with their artists. With our help, venues can easily become a new art space for emerging artists to be discovered in a meaningful way by their community or simply decorate their space with local, authentic, and accessible art. 


In our platform, artists upload their art pieces determining a rental and a retail price. This allows hosts to search and access art for their space at an accessible price while contributing a monthly income to the artist to sustain their practice. While the art is exhibited in the local space, it is always for sale and hosts may decide to keep up to a 25% commission on the art sold. If the art does not get sold and the host decides to keep the art, they can discount their rental expenditures from their purchase!


MUSA also allows hosts to create public exhibitions simply by requesting the local artist to be present during an opening show. By allowing MUSA to advertise their public event they can attract on average 60 new customers and increase their revenue by $1000 on a 4-hour event!

The art gets out there and the community gets to interact with their local art while MUSA has you covered.

The humans behind it

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Artists create a profile showcasing their art works ready-to-show.

For every choice of engagement, the host send the artists a request

Hosts log in and place artworks they want to include in their cart, selecting whether they want to create an exhibition, only rent, or purchase the art pieces.

If the artist accepts, they both connect to arrange delivery and set up details.






the steps are simple:

Adam Sherman


Lucas Tepman


Magdalena Fraga Lauhirat

Marketing Chief and Creative Director

Nancy Reyes Mullins

Strategic Operations Manager

Kamyar Kaviani


We are currently working on our beta version and launching our platform soon! Currently MUSA gets requests from hosts by completing our "create an exhibition", "rent", and "buy" forms and manages the relationship with the artist directly. 

We are building a platform for every user to connect directly and create their own engagements! 

Thanks for understanding and for your patience!

Our current beta version: