Griffin D'Zmura McGuire



Working at the intersection of surrealism and expressionism, GDM creates strange worlds reflecting our own. His art is made either through careful design or through psychic automatism. Our shared digital world of shifting images feeds into painting an uncanny multiplicity of appearance. Outside of ...

drake painting 1.jpg

drake painting 1.jpg

drake painting 1.jpg

Title: Flightless Bird

Medium: Oil

Size: 8x24

Purchase Price: 576

drake painting 1.jpg

Title: The Memeferno

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 8x10

Purchase Price: 160

drake painting 1.jpg

Title: Irreversible Time

Medium: Pen and Ink

Size: 6x12

Purchase Price: 90

drake painting 1.jpg

Title: Bound

Medium: Ink Wash

Size: 9x6

Purchase Price: 50

drake painting 1.jpg




drake painting 1.jpg

Irreversible Time

Pen and Ink



Rental Price: 40

Rental Price: 15

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