Carianna Arredondo


After Anne Waldman

I am a fast speaking woman, I am a forked tongue


I am a woman with words, a woman of curves

a curse.

I’m a woman that cares too much,

A woman that don’t give a damn, I am

a hell fire woman, I’ll spit in

your face

I’ll lick your wounds, I am

an animal,

I’m a nail biting woman, I am

spell bounding, too.

Look into my eyes and

you’ll see nothing

but Truth,

I am a woman of my word

the words, and the world

Did I mention?

I am a fast speaking woman,

Too quick

and I’m gone

outta here,

I am a woman that leaves

no breadcrumbs.

I am my own legacy, I speak

a history of cavities

I speak

with my swollen tongue,

my bitten lips

I’m thirsty,

and I bring my own water.

I drink,

from a pool of electricity.

Did I mention

I am a fast speaking woman?

I have no reins behind me

cool, like ocean water

and warm like


tossed for 1000 years.

I am a woman of no bones

so you can’t break my back,

but still headstrong, I am

a woman


determination, I run circles around my own soul.

I am

the woman that



Momma, we are fast speaking women

and you can’t

tell us

what to do.

I am an avalanche

a thin sliver of melting ice

I am the snow that falls at midnight,

the quiet

in the room

the drone, buzzing beneath

your eyelids

scraping away,

scratching to get out.

I am the fast speaking woman

you tried

so damn hard

to hide but you couldn’t

the sunrise woman,

I am the woman of new


the woman of turned pages,

and I’ll burn those pages, too

I am the woman of abandon,

the woman of all


I am her

and she is I

Two stones,

at the bottom of the lake,

I am

the lady in the lake,

the woman in the water

you tried

to drown

I’ll haunt you with my siren songs, whisper

sweet nothings


God and the Devil raging inside,

I am the blue machinery of night,

the first moon’s harvest,

the last autumn burial,

“A boy from this small town has died,
and tonight the town awaits tomorrow
when they will lay beneath the blade
of the backhoe youth curled like a seed in jaws of frost.”

I am the woman that greets the boy,

holding him with soft light

he is safe with me.

I am the protector woman, I am

the warrior woman, I’ll fight

till my honorable death

but I don’t die for honor anyway.

I am a woman that dreams

within your dreams

I almost forgot, I am

a fast speaking woman,

but how can you forget

your soul

knowing you can’t

depart it.

I am a memory woman,

I am an educated woman

earning knowledge, like kneading bread

I am a baked woman

I rise

I rise

I rise.

I am a fast speaking woman,

watch my words


in the air

like smoke

I am the storyteller woman

old like tree rings,

skin like wood grain,

I am the wise


You need to keep running,

don’t stop digging,

you’ll get there,

the center of the earth isn’t hard to find,

just listen to the sound of it turning.

drake painting 1.jpg
drake painting 1.jpg

Heading 1

Heading 1