Fuzz E. Grant

The animals are watching.

Growing up in a sea of suburban beige I was always attracted to color, pattern, texture and anything that was darkly humorous. I delight in being a scavenger of the old and the smallest scrap of paper could be the highlight of my day.

Always in love with animals, a pivotal point in my artistic career was spending time with brown bears in Alaska. The subversion of the power balance, with human on the bottom, brought home to me the need for a more equitable balance of non human and human animals. When there is a bear in front of you, he sure has right of way. I realized this anxiety is what most animals must constantly feel in the ever expanding human world.

My art is a vehicle to connect humans to the non-human world, while providing joy and humor. Discarding saccharine or cliched imagery of animals, I portray them as characters, watching over humanity, in silent judgement. While they may appear to be cute, take a closer look and see the truth in their eyes.

Working with characters allows me to bring a connection with you and the art, at a personal level, and provides comfort and support. I’m often told from someone that they “need this work to be in their lives.”

Originally from Australia I now live and work in San Francisco in a mess of paper, found objects and paint.

drake painting 1.jpg
drake painting 1.jpg

Heading 1

Heading 1

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