Andrew Ogus- art commission
  • Andrew is an artist residing in San Francisco, CA. He make drawings on prepared printmaking paper, combining his fascination with animals, people, and the male figure in various series and themes. Rather than create an idealized perfection he looks for the extraordinary in ordinary people. He is a member of the cooperative City Art Gallery. His work has won an award from the Tom of Finland Foundation, and appeared in various publications. He is always hoping to make something beautiful.


    You can choose to receive either an 11x15 or 33x40 physical pieces of art using a mixed media drawing style (prepared paper, acrylic, graphite, color pencil of some kind).

    Andrew Ogus- art commission

    • Additional Information

      The work will take 15-25 days to complete upon receipt of your picture (Shipping Time not included). The artist will ship the physical work to you and send tracking receipt.