Eno Akanetuk - art commission

Enobong (Eno) Akan-Etuk is a Nigerian- American artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Shas been creating vivid art pieces from a young age. Her work spans across multiple disciplines including acrylic, oil, ceramics, digital, installation art as well as the performing arts. In 2013 she created BongBong Creations; an African-inspired jewelry line with rich patterns hailing from Nigeria. Her style is as lively as her spirit and is best described as smooth yet distinctive. She enjoys creating pieces that challenge the status quo of "cohesion" by creating fluid transitions with bold details for an emphatic touch. She received her Bachelors of Art in Art Therapy from Saint Mary's College of CA in 2016.


You can choose to receive a personalized commission using paint, mixed media, or digital art methods based on the photo you supply.

Eno Akanetuk - art commission

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    The work will take 15-25 days to complete upon receipt of your picture (Shipping not included). The artist will ship the physical work to you and send tracking receipt. 

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