Derek Popple - art commission
  • Derek Popple is an artists based in the Berkleley, California who creates Risograph prints. He likes to combine his interests of photography and printmaking to see how full color photos can be reproduced using a limited color palette while still conveying the detail and feel of the original image.


    Derek is available for commissioned works based on your picture of choice. Prints will be done in up to 4 colors via Risograph printing depending on complexity of color palette. All sizes up to 11x17" are possible, but 8.5x11" and 11x17" are standard. Suitable images are photos or scans of original artwork. 8.5x11" print: $40 for first copy, $5 for additional copies. 11x17" print: $60 for first copy, $5 per additional copy. Large fine art reproductions are available up to 40x60". Please inquire for a specific quote.

    Derek Popple - art commission

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      The work will take 3-7 days to complete upon receipt of your picture, more complex orders might take more time. The artist will send the physical prints to you and send tracking receipts. 

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