Type of Events


Exhibitions are month-long events where art works are hung and displayed for sale at the space. To celebrate, exhibitions start with a show opening with the presence of the artist/s and include performances.

Art pop ups are day-long or weekend events where artists are present and set up a table stand with original art pieces and prints/replicas for sale on the indoor or outdoor of the space. In this case, the art is not hung unless the venue specifically provides a panel. The art does not remain in the space after the event. Visual artists are encouraged to provide a live art experience (I.e. live painting). Additionally, pop ups may include musical or conceptual performance artists.

Pop Up

MUSA offers three different type of interactions between artists and venues: Exhibition, Art Pop Ups, and Consignment. Below you will find all the information you need as an artists and as a venue about each type of interaction.


Art consignment means hanging and exhibiting art in the space without an opening show. Art is always for sale while it is exhibited. Usually consignments are month long rotations.