Commission taken on art sold: 20%

Art transportation: Artists responsibility

Art hanging and take down: Artist responsibility in communication with host

Wall Nailing: OK

Hanging System: No

Type of art: Visual and Performance

Live art experience: Encouraged

Performances: Outdoor

Remember to follow the information corresponding to your type of event. This information is particular to Victory Point Cafe. Dates and times may vary so please follow the dates and times indicated on the email confirmation for your show!  

Types of events hosted by

Sobre Mesa:

Host: Derek DeSantis

Address: 1797-A, Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709

Coffee, Beer, and Board Games in Berkeley! Hosting monthly recurring exhibitions and art pop ups. 

Berkeley, CA

Victory Point Cafe

Victory Point Cafe


Recurring monthly exhibitions with opening events. Multiple visual artists or a solo exhibition rotating each month with the opportunity of being present during an opening show alongside a performance show.

Outdoor art pop ups for visual artists to sell prints and original art pieces at table stands. Live work is encouraged. Pop ups may include musical or conceptual performances.

Victory Point Cafe

Art Pop Up

VPC shares a passion for board gaming, community-building, coffee, and beer. So they combined all of those things to bring you Victory Point Cafe, the Bay Area's first board game cafe. The concept is simple: pay a nominal fee to access a collection of hundreds of board games of all types, stay as long as you'd like, and enjoy their selection of locally roasted coffee, craft beers, pizza, sandwiches, and snacks. They love board games because they bring people together and away from screens, and they're so excited to share that love with you.