Become an host for a one-time event, consignment only, or subscribe to exhibit with opening nights.  

Increase your revenue by $500 on a 4 hour event and increase new first time customers by 50 attendees. 

Why become a host in MUSA

No matter what kind of venue, MUSA makes it simple and secure to host local artist's work and share it with your community. Get authentic local branding and decoration, increase foot-traffic and revenue, experience a secondary source of revenue by commission on art sold, and support local artists!

MUSA takes care of pain points


While you have fun exploring and choosing your art, MUSA promotes your engagements while dealing with the art insurance, payment system, ready-to-sign contracts, tags, and makes your arrangements with the artists super efficient. 

Professional experience​ guarantee


Your venue deserves to be treated professionally. We provide hanging systems customized to your needs and professional advice to artists in order to secure quality in your engagements. 

Become a host in 3 steps


Create your profile as a host by completing our form and uploading pictures of your space.


Get approved instantly.


Select your subscription and start exploring your local artists.

This is the most people I've ever had in my bar"

Warren, owner of Way Station (Berkeley, CA), has boosted revenue and increased its number of recurring customers exhibiting visual artists monthly and making live jazz a recurring Friday event. 


Who can be a host?

Coffee stores, bars, hotels, one day conferences and private houses are working with Musa. As long as your space can support local artists, you are welcome!

How do you approve hosts?

Musa approves hosts digitally using uploaded pictures making sure the space has appropriate hanging systems and/or sound systems for easy and professional set up.

Do you attract the community?

After engagements are confirmed, Musa promotes your event on its website and activates its promotional machine attracting the community to your space!

Artists interact with the audience?

It's all about building community and connections. Most venues have an opening followed by a monthly consignment period. Artists explain their art during openings!

Who transports and sets up?

Transportation of work and set up is on artists! Musa thrives in having hosts ready to make the process easy and professional. You interact with the host directly unless they are premium.

Do hosts take commission from art?

While Musa only keeps 10% in commission from the art sold, hosts might demand up to 30%. All payments go through Musa's payment system.

Who can be a host?

How do you approve hosts?

Do you attract the community?

Artists interact with the audience?

Who transports and sets up?

Do hosts take commission from art sold?