Become an artist for free and access increasing opportunities to show your art. 

Sell on average 3 pieces on your engagements and gain connections for future exhibitions.

Let MUSA handle the rest...


Why become an artist in MUSA

No matter what kind of artists you are, MUSA makes it simple and secure to show your art to your community. Using this platform is completely FREE for artists. Gain exposure, connections, and earn from art sales. 

No more back office​


To allow you to keep creating while showing your work, MUSA deals with you payment system, art tags, hanging system, and makes your arrangements with the host super efficient. 

Enjoy a professional experience​


As an artist you deserve to be treated professionally. We verify hosts in order to secure a quality engagement to display your art the way it deserves.

Showing in 3 steps​


Create your profile as an artist completing our form for free.


Decide which pieces you are ready to show.


Apply to all the opportunities you want

I came here on Bart and I am going back on an Uber."

Yaxi Wang has been one of MUSA's artist since the beginning. Exhibited three times already and sold over 5 pieces!


Who can be an artist?

Musa works with visual artists (painting, photography, etc) all the way to performance artists (poetry to music). All you need is to have work ready-to-show!

Who can be an artist?

Who can be an artist?

How do you approve hosts?

Musa approves hosts digitally and makes sure the space has appropriate hanging systems and/or sound systems for easy and professional set up.

How do you approve hosts?

Do you attract the community?

After engagements are confirmed, Musa promotes your event on its website and activates its promotional machine attracting the community to your art!

Do you attract the community?

How do you approve hosts?

Do I interact with the audience?

It's all about building community and connections. Most venues have an opening followed by a monthly consignment period. As an artist, you get the opportunity to explain your art during openings!

Who transports and sets up?

Transportation of work and set up is on artists! Musa thrives in having hosts ready to make the process easy and professional. You interact with the host directly unless they are premium.

Do hosts take commission from my art?

While Musa only keeps 10% in commission from your art sold, hosts might demand up to 30%. It is up to you to decide how much is fair to be matched appropriately with hosts.

Do I interact with the audience?

Who transports and sets up?

Do hosts take commission from my art?