Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between shows, exhibitions, and consignment?

In an effort to create a more simple route for hosts and artists to interact, we suggest three forms of interaction. Show: A one time event where artists and the community come together around their work. We encourage shows where multiple artists present in a shared space, driving more connections in the local art scene. Exhibition: A slightly longer art-space interaction, usually lasting from a week to a month, depending on the host availability. Exhibitions typically begin with a show as an opening, then stay in the arrangement decided by the artist. During exhibitions, art can be sold but pieces will remain as part of the display until the exhibit is over. Consignment: The longest form of interaction we facilitate, where art is leased to the venue as regular decor. If a piece is sold, the buyer can pay through our platform and take the work home that day. Consignment typically follows a show and exhibition, but doesn't necessarily need to.

How much do you charge artists?

MUSA will never charge artists for being a part of the platfrom. Whenever a piece of art is sold, MUSA will keep 10% of pieces sold by the artist.

How much does it cost for hosts?

Hosts can choose from an array of subscription offerings customized to their needs!

Who handles the logistics of moving the art?

Most artists are comfortable driving their art to hosts. Contact us if this is not your case!

How can I find out about MUSA shows or exhibits near me?

While we are still working to make it geolocalized you can check out our calendar for now!

Is there an app for this?

Not yet but coming soon!

Why MUSA? What does it mean?

It's muse in Spanish.

Do Hosts receive any commission for art pieces sold?

Hosts have the choice to charge a commission if pieces are sold. MUSA's goal is to help upcoming artists support themselves by doing what they love, this is why we set a maximum limit of 30% for hosts commision.